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Pj Mask Gekko

KSh4,950.00 Regular price KSh7,700.00
Join the adventure with PJ Mask Gekko, the beloved superhero character from
the animated TV series PJ Masks! Known for his green superhero costume and
super strength to lift heavy objects, Gekko is a favorite among children.

The PJ Mask Gekko toy from Toyzoona allows kids to bring the action-packed
scenes from the show to life and sparks their imagination to create new
thrilling adventures for the character.

With the power of camouflage, Gekko can blend into his surroundings and become
invisible, adding an extra layer of excitement to playtime as kids imagine
Gekko stealthily navigating through various missions.

Get ready for endless fun as your child unleashes their inner superhero with
the PJ Mask Gekko toy. Whether they're recreating favorite scenes or coming up
with new heroic missions, this popular children's toy is sure to bring joy and
excitement to playtime.

Join Gekko and the PJ Masks on their courageous escapades and let the
superhero dreams come alive! Grab the PJ Mask Gekko toy now and watch as your
child's imagination takes flight with this dynamic and adventurous superhero!