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Play House Kitchen Set 51 Pcs

KSh9,500.00 Regular price KSh15,600.00

"Unlock the world of imaginative play with The Play House Kitchen Set, a delightful toy kitchen ensemble featuring a whopping 51 pieces. Let your kids embark on exciting role-playing adventures as they engage in playful 'house' scenarios. This set boasts a rich assortment of kitchen appliances and utensils, including a stove, refrigerator, sink, pots, pans, cups, plates, and cutlery. Crafted from durable plastic and adorned with vibrant colors, it's designed to captivate children's attention.

Encourage your little ones to nurture their creativity, social skills, and hand-eye coordination through interactive play. The Play House Kitchen Set is tailored for children aged three years and older, offering endless entertainment and skill development. Find it at Toyzoona and let the playtime festivities begin!"