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Pokemon Single Strike Urshifu V Box

Unleash the power of Single Strike or Rapid Strike with the Pokémon Single
Strike Urshifu V Box. Choose between two incredible options, each containing a
foil promo card featuring either Single Strike Urshifu V or Rapid Strike
Urshifu V. Additionally, you'll receive a promo Energy card matching the
strike style, either Single Strike Energy or Rapid Strike Energy. The box also
includes a foil oversize card showcasing the chosen Urshifu V form, making for
an impressive display piece. Further elevate your collection with four Pokémon
TCG booster packs, brimming with exciting cards to enhance your deck. Don't
forget, a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is included for
digital fun. Explore Toyzoona now and embrace the power of Single Strike or
Rapid Strike Urshifu V!