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Qualatex 21 Bday 25247 Balloon

Introducing the Qualatex 21 Bday 25247 Balloon, a vibrant and celebratory
decoration for a special 21st birthday. This 18" bright blue Qualatex Foil
Balloon is designed with a shining star pattern and the words "Happy Birthday
21", adding a festive touch to the occasion.

The balloon features a convenient self-sealing valve, which prevents the gas
from escaping after inflation. This means you can inflate the balloon without
the need for manual tying, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Whether you prefer to use helium or air, the Qualatex 21 Bday Balloon offers
flexibility. You can inflate the balloon with a helium inflator for a floating
effect, or use a balloon air inflator to fill it with air for a display that
stays in place.

Please note that the balloon comes uninflated, allowing you to choose the
timing and method of inflation. This ensures that the balloon remains fresh
and ready for use when you're ready to celebrate.

Crafted from high-quality Mylar/Foil material, this balloon is designed to
maintain its vibrant colors and shape, creating a stunning centerpiece for
your 21st birthday celebration.

The Qualatex 21 Bday 25247 Balloon is the perfect addition to your birthday
decorations. Visit Toyzoona today to get this shining star bright blue balloon
that can be filled with helium or air, adding a touch of joy and excitement to
your special day.