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Qualatex Astronaut 87966 Balloon

Introducing the Qualatex Astronaut 87966 Balloon, a captivating and high-
quality balloon perfect for space-themed celebrations. This Mylar/foil balloon
features a stunning astronaut design that adds a touch of adventure and
excitement to any event.

The Qualatex Astronaut Balloon includes a self-sealing valve, ensuring that
the gas remains securely trapped inside after inflation. This feature
eliminates the need for manual tying, making the balloon convenient and

To achieve optimal inflation, use a foil balloon inflator to fill the balloon
with helium. This ensures that the balloon floats gracefully, creating a
mesmerizing display at your party or gathering.

Please note that the balloon comes uninflated, allowing you the freedom to
fill it at your convenience. This ensures that the balloon stays fresh until
you are ready to use it, preserving its vibrant colors and crisp design.

It's essential to handle balloons responsibly. Always ensure that balloons are
properly weighted to prevent them from floating away. Never release balloons
into the air, as they can pose a hazard to the environment and wildlife. When
you're finished with the balloon, dispose of it properly.

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experience with this high-quality and captivating balloon.