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Qualatex Balls 34821

The Qualatex 34821 Birthday Sport Balls Single Bubble Latex Balloon is a
special balloon designed for birthday celebrations, particularly for sports-
themed parties. It is a large 22-inch balloon made from high-quality latex and
features a unique bubble shape.
The balloon showcases various sport balls, such as soccer balls, basketballs,
baseballs, and footballs, printed on its surface. This design adds a festive
and sporty touch to birthday decorations, making it an ideal choice for sports
enthusiasts or themed celebrations.
The Qualatex brand is known for its commitment to quality and durability,
ensuring that the balloon maintains its shape and holds air for an extended
period. It can be filled with helium to float or filled with air for display
The 22-inch size of the balloon makes it an eye-catching centerpiece or
decoration, capable of grabbing attention and adding visual interest to party
settings. It can be used as a standalone decoration or combined with other
balloons to create unique balloon arrangements or arches.