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Qualatex Butterflyflowers 11560 Balloon

The Qualatex 11560 Butterflies and Flowers Deco Bubble Latex Balloon is a
specific model of balloon known for its deco bubble design featuring
butterflies and flowers. Qualatex is a well-known brand that produces high-
quality latex balloons.
The Butterflies and Flowers Deco Bubble Latex Balloon typically has a round
shape and is made from a special deco bubble material. It features a clear or
translucent outer layer that creates a unique visual effect. The balloon is
adorned with colorful graphics of butterflies and flowers, creating a
whimsical and nature-inspired design.
This balloon is commonly used as a standalone decoration or combined with
other balloons to create balloon bouquets or arrangements. It can be filled
with air or helium, depending on the desired effect. When filled with helium,
the balloon can float in the air, showcasing its vibrant graphics and adding a
delightful touch to the celebration.

* 20" Latex Balloon
* Made By Qualatex
* Can be filled with Air or Helium