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Qualatex Champagne Bottle 98219 Balloon

The Qualatex Champagne Bottle 98219 Balloon is a specific model of balloon
designed to resemble a champagne bottle. Qualatex is a well-known brand that
produces high-quality latex balloons.
The Champagne Bottle 98219 Balloon typically features a long and slender
shape, resembling the silhouette of a champagne bottle. The balloon is made
from durable latex material, ensuring it remains inflated and visually
appealing throughout the event.
This particular balloon is often used as a standalone decoration or combined
with other balloons to create balloon arrangements or bouquets. It can be
filled with air or helium, depending on the desired effect. When filled with
helium, the balloon can float in the air, adding a dynamic and festive touch
to the occasion.

* INCLUDES SELF SEALING VALVE - Self-sealing valve prevents the gas from escaping after it's inflated
* FILL WITH HELIUM - Inflate balloon with helium using a foil balloon inflator
* Balloon comes uninflated
* Mylar/ foil balloon
* Balloons should always be weighted and never released into the air Always dispose of balloons properly