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Qualatex Chrome Heart 90048 Balloon

The Qualatex 18" Heart-Chrome Purple Foil Balloon is a specific model of
balloon known for its heart shape and eye-catching chrome purple finish.
Qualatex is a well-known brand that produces high-quality foil balloons.
The Heart-Chrome Purple Foil Balloon has an 18-inch size and is designed in
the shape of a heart. It features a stunning chrome purple color, which gives
it a shiny and reflective appearance. The foil material used in the balloon
ensures durability and a long-lasting inflated state.
This balloon is often used as a standalone decoration or combined with other
balloons to create balloon bouquets or arrangements. It can be filled with
helium, allowing it to float in the air and become a striking focal point at
parties or events. The chrome purple finish adds an element of elegance and
sophistication to the overall decor.