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Qualatex Clown 49403 Balloon

The Qualatex Clown 49403 Balloon is a specific model of balloon designed to
resemble a clown character. Qualatex is a well-known brand that produces high-
quality latex balloons.
The Clown 49403 Balloon typically features a round shape and showcases a
colorful and whimsical design representing a clown's face. The balloon is made
from durable latex material, ensuring it remains inflated and visually
appealing for an extended period.
This balloon is often used as a standalone decoration or combined with other
balloons to create balloon arrangements or bouquets. It can be filled with air
or helium, depending on the desired effect. When filled with helium, the clown
balloon can float in the air, creating a lively and playful atmosphere at
parties or events.
The Qualatex Clown 49403 Balloon is a popular choice for various occasions,
such as birthday parties, circus-themed events, or any celebration where a
touch of fun and entertainment is desired. Its clown design adds a sense of
joy and brings a smile to people's faces. Whether used individually or as part
of a larger balloon display, this balloon is sure to enhance the festive
ambiance and create a memorable experience.