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Qualatex Sweet 16 23987 Balloon

The Qualatex Sweet 16 23987 balloon is a delightful and celebratory decoration
choice for a milestone birthday celebration. This foil balloon features a
vibrant and eye-catching design with the words "Sweet 16" written in bold and
colorful lettering. The balloon also features festive confetti and star
patterns, adding a touch of fun and excitement to the design. Made from high-
quality foil material, it is durable and can hold helium for an extended
period, allowing it to float and create an impressive visual impact. The Sweet
16 balloon is an ideal choice for a Sweet 16 birthday party, adding a festive
and celebratory atmosphere to the event. It can be used as a standalone
decoration or combined with other balloons and decorations to create a
personalized and memorable setup. With its vibrant colors and joyful design,
this balloon is sure to make the birthday girl or boy feel special and
celebrated on their milestone occasion.