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Qualatex Zebra 16166 Balloon

The Qualatex Zebra 16166 balloon is a fun and stylish decorative balloon
featuring a zebra pattern. Measuring 32 inches, this large balloon is sure to
make a bold statement at any event or celebration. The black and white zebra
stripes create a striking and eye-catching design, making it a great choice
for animal-themed parties, safari-themed events, or simply adding a touch of
wildness to any occasion. Made from high-quality foil material, the balloon is
durable and can be filled with helium for a floating effect. It can be used on
its own as a centerpiece or combined with other balloons to create stunning
balloon arrangements. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, baby shower, or
any other special event, the Qualatex Zebra balloon is sure to add a touch of
fun and excitement. Bring a touch of the wild to your next celebration with
this playful and vibrant zebra balloon.