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Rainbow High Jr High S1 Ruby Anderson

Get ready to ignite your creativity with Rainbow High! Explore the origins of
your favorite students before they joined Rainbow High and pursued their
creative dreams. Each themed playset from Toyzoona includes a complete doll
outfit, a doll with a new younger face-sculpt, and a soft fabric backpack to
carry their school essentials. Let your imagination soar with endless joy and
imaginative storytelling entertainment.

GORGEOUS FEATURES: Meet Ruby Anderson, dressed head to toe in her signature
RED. With her stunning younger face sculpt, detailed fashion features,
beautiful long curled red hair, long eyelashes, and mesmerizing glass eyes,
she is a true beauty. Complete your collection with the Rainbow of all the
gorgeous Jr High fashion dolls.

JR HIGH FASHION: Ruby, a small-town girl with big city dreams, had a unique
style even in Jr High. She rocks a long sleeve Sparkle top, adorable red
Sparkle overalls with gold buckles, checkered high-top Sparkle sneakers, and
essential school accessories that make her stand out from the crowd.

SCHOOL ESSENTIALS: Ruby's creativity knows no bounds. Her custom backpack is a
real stunner, designed with a soft fabric in radiant red. It opens and closes
seamlessly and features a custom designed patch and RH gold embroidery. This
perfect accessory stores her sparkle satin scrunchie, two gold hair clips, and
 necklace, showcasing her attention to detail.

POSE YOUNGER AND OLDER RUBY TOGETHER: With a height of 9 inches, Ruby is fully
articulated and posable, allowing for glamorous poses. Create a perfect
collector combo by displaying her alongside her older version, capturing the
evolution of her style and personality.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Each playset includes a fashion doll, a complete doll outfit,
pairs of doll shoes, and a variety of doll accessories. You'll find a soft
fabric backpack that opens and closes, a necklace, a scrunchie, two gold hair
clips, an R necklace, and a doll comb.

PRO TIP - WASH HAIR TO REMOVE STYLING GEL: When you unbox your doll, give her
hair a thorough wash to remove any styling gel. Let her hair dry completely,
and then she'll be ready for brushing and styling.

FAVORITE COLLECTION: Expand your collection and collect the rainbow! Discover
all 6 Jr High Fashion Dolls, including Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny
Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw, and Violet Willow. Visit the Rainbow
High Store to explore the amazing collections. LETYOURTRUECOLORSSHINE. Please
note that all fashion dolls are sold separately.

Unleash your creativity and let your true colors shine with Rainbow High! Shop
now at Toyzoona and bring home the magic of Rainbow High Jr High Fashion