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Scrabble Flip

Looking for a classic and educational game that the whole family can enjoy?
Introducing Scrabble Flip! This timeless game, adapted for younger players, is
perfect for 2 to 4 participants.

In Scrabble Flip, children get the opportunity to enhance their language and
vocabulary skills while having loads of fun. The game includes a game board,
50 chips, 4 individual boards, a central tower, and clear instructions, making
it a complete package for endless entertainment.

The objective of Scrabble Flip is simple: players must form words using the
letters from the falling parts. With each turn, participants strategically
place their chips to create words and earn points. It's an exciting race to
see who can come up with the most words and score the highest!

Toyzoona proudly presents Scrabble Flip, the perfect game to stimulate young
minds and encourage learning in a playful way. Gather your family and friends
and prepare for hours of educational and enjoyable gameplay. Unlock the
potential of language while having a blast with Scrabble Flip!