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Thor Costume And Mask

Unleash the power of the God of Thunder with our thrilling Thor Costume and
Mask set! Inspired by the iconic superhero character from Marvel Comics, this
dress-up set is a must-have for little fans of Thor.

The Thor Costume and Mask set includes a striking red cape, a jumpsuit, and a
silver-colored molded plastic Thor mask. The jumpsuit, crafted from polyester,
showcases printed details on the front and back, bringing Thor's heroic
appearance to life. The mask features eye holes and a secure chin strap,
ensuring it stays in place during epic playtime adventures.

Designed to fit children of different ages, the Thor Costume and Mask set is
perfect for Halloween, themed parties, or any event where your child can
embrace their inner superhero.

Watch as your child wields the mighty Mjölnir and channels the strength and
bravery of Thor. With this captivating costume set from Toyzoona, they'll be
ready to defend Asgard and battle against villains!

Transform your child into the God of Thunder with our Thor Costume and Mask
set. Grab yours now and let the superhero adventures begin! Whether it's
Halloween or playtime, your child will be ready to save the day in style.