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Tomy Play To Learn Hide N Squeak Eggs

Type: Infant Toys
Make this Easter extra special with the TOMY Toomies Hide and Squeak Egg and
Spoon Set Baby Toy - an educational shape sorter that promises endless fun for
babies, toddlers, and little kids aged 6 months and up! Take part in an
exciting Easter egg hunt or have a delightful egg and spoon race with these
adorable eggs that fall and crack, just like real ones but without the mess.

With the Hide & Squeak Egg and Spoon Set, you can introduce your little one to
the fascinating world of shapes. Watch as they match the colorful Easter
chicks inside the eggs to their corresponding spoons, exploring different
shapes and colors along the way.

Designed to engage all the senses, this toy features cheerful chirping sounds
produced by the cute chicks when pressed, capturing your toddler's attention
and providing hours of sensory play

Beyond the joy of play, this toy is also a fantastic educational tool. It
includes four different Easter eggs and spoons, each with bright colors and
individual faces, offering an opportunity for early learning and development
in a playful manner.

For even more excitement, the Hide & Squeak Egg and Spoon Set is compatible
with other TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak toys. The shapes across the range
correspond to holes in this set, allowing your child to expand their
collection and create a world of imaginative play.

Make your baby's first Easter memorable with this delightful Hide and Squeak
Egg and Spoon Set available at Toyzoona. Perfect for boys and girls aged 6
months to 3 years, this Easter toy will bring joy, learning, and endless
entertainment to your little ones.