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Trampoline 6 Ft

Type: Outdoor Play
Introducing the 6-ft Trampoline from Toyzoona - a compact and safe bouncing
wonder for kids to enjoy both indoors and outdoors! Crafted with a sturdy
steel frame and six legs with rubber feet, this trampoline ensures exceptional
stability for hours of jumping fun.

With a weight limit of 100 lbs, the trampoline is specifically designed with
safety in mind. It comes equipped with a safety enclosure net, preventing any
potential accidents while kids play and bounce with joy.

The jumping mat, made of UV-resistant material with reinforced stitching,
guarantees long-lasting durability. Assembling and disassembling the
trampoline is a breeze with all necessary tools and clear instructions

Encourage an active lifestyle and enhance their balance and coordination as
kids engage in thrilling bouncing adventures. Trust Toyzoona's 6-ft Trampoline
to provide endless fun and a safe space for energetic play. Get ready to
witness your kids' smiles soar as they jump into a world of excitement and