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What Did I Step In

Get ready for some hilarious and suspenseful fun with the "What Did I Step
In?" game! Each player receives three cards from the draw pile, and then it's
time to put on your sneaker with a suction cup and search for matches among
the spread of mystery cards.

Just slam your shoe onto a random card and take a peek at the bottom to see
what you stepped on. If you find a match, you score a point! But be careful,
there are lucky coins that can boost your score, but watch out for the dreaded
dog poop! Stepping on that means losing a turn, and it's definitely stinky.

The objective is to pair up as many cards as you can to score points. Whoever
has the most points when all the cards are paired becomes the winner of this
exciting game.

The set includes a suction shoe, 21 draw cards, 28 mystery cards, and easy-to-
follow instructions. It's recommended for children aged 4 years and older,
making it a perfect game for family fun and entertainment.

Experience the joy of suspenseful gameplay and laughter-filled moments with
the "What Did I Step In?" game. Don't miss out on this engaging and exciting
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