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X Shot Vigilant Gun

KSh2,950.00 Regular price KSh6,500.00
Unleash the thrill of dart battles and target shooting with the Zuru X Shot
Vigilant Gun – an action-packed dart blaster designed for hours of excitement
and fun. This compact and portable blaster offers an excellent balance of
power, accuracy, and ease of use, catering to both beginners and experienced

As a single-shot blaster, the Vigilant Gun fires darts one at a time, allowing
for precise and controlled shooting. Its front-loading mechanism ensures
effortless dart insertion, so you can swiftly get back into the action. The
blaster's responsive trigger offers smooth dart firing, giving you the
ultimate control over your shots. With a comfortable grip, you can confidently
handle the blaster during intense gameplay.

The X Shot Vigilant Gun comes equipped with soft, lightweight foam darts,
ensuring safe and enjoyable play. Furthermore, its compatibility with most
standard-sized foam darts allows you to expand your ammo collection for even
more dart-blasting fun.

Ideal for dart blaster enthusiasts, the X Shot Vigilant Gun is a reliable and
entertaining choice for dart battles and target shooting activities. Its
compact size and ease of use make it suitable for various play environments,
whether indoors or outdoors. Get ready to showcase your shooting skills and
immerse yourself in endless dart-blasting action with the X Shot Vigilant Gun
at Toyzoona.