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X Shot Xcess Gun

KSh2,950.00 Regular price KSh5,900.00
Experience the power and excitement of dart battles with the Zuru X Shot Xcess
Gun – a dynamic dart blaster designed for thrilling play and target shooting.
This blaster features a sleek and ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable
handling and easy maneuverability during intense battles.

The X Shot Xcess Gun boasts a large dart capacity and rapid-fire action,
eliminating the need for frequent reloading and allowing for non-stop dart-
firing action. With its pump-action mechanism, users can pull and push the
pump handle to prime the blaster, creating an immersive experience as you
prepare to launch your darts. The blaster also features a responsive trigger
for smooth and precise dart firing, putting you in control of your shots.

Included with the Zuru X Shot Xcess Gun are a generous number of foam darts.
Crafted from soft, lightweight foam material, these darts ensure safe play for
both indoor and outdoor environments. The blaster's large dart capacity
ensures that you have an ample supply of ammo to keep up the excitement during
battles or target practice sessions.

Get ready for action-packed fun with the Zuru X Shot Xcess Gun at Toyzoona.
Whether you're engaging in dart battles or honing your target shooting skills,
this powerful dart blaster guarantees hours of exhilarating playtime for kids
and adults alike. Grab your blaster, load up with foam darts, and embark on
thrilling adventures with the Zuru X Shot Xcess Gun.