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Zuru Metal Machines Construction 6703

KSh4,500.00 Regular price KSh6,000.00
Introducing the Zuru Metal Machines Construction 6703, where an extreme chase
unfolds within a construction site, creating an exhilarating race that could
end disastrously for one of the racers. As boulders are tossed in the air
during the high-speed pursuit, participants must navigate the track, jump over
a gigantic machine, and stay ahead of the competition. With the help of a
motorized speed booster, both cars maintain top speed, intensifying the
competition to determine the ultimate victor. The track features a thrilling
loop and a ramp for daring stunts, but caution must be exercised to avoid
being caught by opponents, as one wrong move could lead to a track mishap and

Key Features:

1. Construction Deconstruction: Experience the thrill of a motorized speed booster that ensures non-stop racing action for your Metal Machines. Maneuver skillfully to evade the massive crane while soaring over the jump. When the need arises for heavy machinery, detach the crane and drive your vehicle around.

2. Two Exclusive Metal Machines: This set includes two exclusive Metal Machines, Specter and Justice. Perform gravity-defying stunts as you fly through the loop upside down. Meanwhile, the second car can traverse the middle of the loop, offering an ultimate stunt play experience for the entire family.

3. Massive Crane Addition: Prepare for a dynamic racing challenge with the inclusion of a construction crane machine. Watch out for boulders flying through the air during the jump, as they aim to knock you off the track and out of the race.

4. Complete Pack Inclusion: The pack contains two Metal Machines, one motorized booster, one boulder launcher machine, and a massive racing track equipped with a 360° loop and a stunt ramp. Additionally, a crane claw is included for added excitement and versatility.

5. Metal Machines Promise: Metal Machines delivers speed, challenges, and action with its new design cars and thrilling track sets. Experience incredible value as you embark on high-octane racing adventures.

Gear up for heart-pounding racing excitement with the Zuru Metal Machines
Construction 6703. Explore the endless possibilities and create memorable
moments with this action-packed toy set, exclusively available at Toyzoona.