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Zuru Metal Machines Gorilla Attack 6726

KSh9,950.00 Regular price KSh16,000.00
Introducing the Zuru Metal Machines Gorilla Attack 6726 playset, where action
knows no bounds and storytelling possibilities are endless. Unleash a fleet of
Metal Machines into this thrilling playset and prepare for non-stop fun. Race
through the colossal Gorilla hand trap and the monstrous Gorilla mouth,
conquering the beast that awaits. The playset features a multi-level garage
accessible via a manually operated 2-car elevator, providing parking and
standby spots for over 20 cars. Additionally, there are two auto repair
stations and a helicopter platform housing a rescue helicopter capable of
transporting cars. Most track and playset pieces are interchangeable, allowing
for infinite combinations and versatile track layouts. Should the action
become too intense, Metal Machines can escape through the underground tunnel.
Two Metal Machines are already included to kick-start the excitement.

Key Features:

1. Metal Machines Gorilla Rampage: Engage in an epic battle against the attacking Gorilla, the largest set Metal Machines has ever seen. Beware as the massive gorilla's arm can grab and bring your car down when you drive over it.

2. Interaction Fun: Enjoy the manually operated 2-car elevator that lifts one car to the second or third floor while lowering the other car to the ground. On the first floor, utilize the repair stations to fix your cars or showcase them on the spinning gorilla arm. When danger looms, use the rescue helicopter to ensure the safety of your Metal Machines.

3. Incredible Value: This set offers a massive track length of 3m/10ft and 20 parking spots, guaranteeing endless hours of entertainment. With interchangeable track pieces and route switches, you can always modify the track to suit your preferences.

4. Product Includes: The set includes 1 Metal Machines Gorilla, 1 elevator, 1 helicopter, 1 repair station, 1 Metal Machines car, 1 3m/10ft track, 2 floor levels, and 1 instruction manual.

5. Metal Machines Promise: Metal Machines delivers speed, challenges, and action through its innovative car designs and exciting track sets, all offered at incredible value.

Experience the thrill of the Zuru Metal Machines Gorilla Attack 6726 playset,
the perfect combination of high-speed racing and imaginative play. Unleash
your creativity and embark on thrilling adventures with this extraordinary toy
set, available exclusively at Toyzoona.