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Zuru Pets Alive Unicorn 9502

KSh3,950.00 Regular price KSh9,000.00
Type: Action Toys

Discover the enchanting world of Zuru's Pets Alive Unicorn, available
exclusively at Toyzoona. Meet My Magical Unicorn, a captivating and
interactive companion that will leave you spellbound. With over 20 delightful
ways to engage and play, this majestic creature is filled with life and love,
making it impossible not to fall head over heels for.

Unleash the magic of interactivity with My Magical Unicorn, offering a
plethora of captivating features. Watch in awe as its magical horn lights up,
and blow it a kiss to receive a heartwarming response, ensuring the fun never

But that's not all; experience the joy of communicating with your unicorn! By
holding the Star on its leg, simply speak a sentence, and be amazed as the
unicorn repeats your words right back to you, creating endless moments of
laughter and connection.

The package includes one My Magical Unicorn in elegant White, accompanied by a
stable Playset, and batteries to start the enchanting journey right away.

Embrace the Pets Alive collection, Zuru's latest line of adorable robotic pets
that redefine companionship. These delightful toys offer countless ways to
interact and play, quickly becoming your new best friend. At unbeatable value,
Pets Alive brings an abundance of fun and laughter into your life.

Experience the magic, joy, and wonder of Zuru's Pets Alive Unicorn, and let
this interactive marvel brighten your days with its limitless charm and
playfulness. Exclusively available at Toyzoona, embark on an extraordinary
adventure filled with love and laughter today.