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Zuru Pets Alive Walking Puppy 9531

Type: Action Toys
Introducing Zuru Pets Alive Walking Puppy 9531, the fluffiest, cutest, and
most glamorous puppy in the world - Lil' Paw Paw! This delightful pup with a
classic design and a modern twist is joining the Pets Alive family. Lil' Paw
Paw's silky smooth fur is perfect for brushing and cuddling, adding to her
charm. Her glittery blue eyes sparkle, matching her perfectly pink bow and
collar. Watch as Lil' Paw Paw walks forward, showing off her adorable features
to all your friends. And don't forget to listen to her bark, just like a real

Key Features:

1. Smoothest Fur: Lil' Paw Paw's Maltese silky smooth fur is irresistibly soft, making her perfect for brushing and cuddling.

2. Details: Every detail on Lil' Paw Paw is meticulously crafted, from her glittery blue eyes that sparkle to her perfectly pink bow and collar, adding to her overall charm and appeal.

3. Realistic Movement: Watch in awe as Lil' Paw Paw walks forward, showcasing her adorable features to impress your friends. Experience the joy of hearing her bark, just like a real puppy.

4. Leash Control: Use the easy control leash to guide and control Lil' Paw Paw's walking and barking, adding to the interactive play experience.

5. Classic Design: Lil' Paw Paw combines the perfect blend of a well-loved classic design with a modern twist, making her a wonderful addition to the Pets Alive family.

Experience the sheer joy and glamour of Zuru Pets Alive Walking Puppy 9531.
Brush, cuddle, and guide Lil' Paw Paw as she walks and barks with lifelike
movements. Let Lil' Paw Paw's charm and adorable features captivate your
heart, available exclusively at Toyzoona.

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