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Zuru Rainbocorn Eggzania 9258

KSh6,900.00 Regular price KSh9,900.00
Discover the enchanting world of Zuru's Rainbocorns Eggzania, a delightful
collection of surprise-packed toys exclusively available at Toyzoona! Crack
open the magical Eggzania to reveal an incredible 20+ surprises that await
you. Inside, you'll find the adorable Eggzania plush accompanied by the
charming Yolkie, along with 5 mini egg surprises, Yolkie slime, Yolkie jokes,
and a variety of wearable accessories like rings, stamps, bracelets, and
stickers. Each egg is bursting with cuteness, just waiting to be hatched!

Embark on an exciting quest to "Collect All 6" Eggzania plush and their
matching Yolkies. Made with silky-soft plush perfect for cuddles and snuggles,
these plush and Yolkie companions are a joy to cherish. Refer to the
collectors guide to ensure you hatch them all and complete your wonderful

Experience the new addition to Rainboville - Eggzania Yolkies! These fun-sized
Rainbocorns are your perfect pocket-sized friends, who love to snuggle and
cuddle. Not only that, but they also attach themselves to all the delightful
surprises inside! Hatch them all to bring more joy to your collection.

Each pack of Eggzania includes a delightful assortment of 1x Eggzania Plush,
1x Eggzania Nest, 1x Yolkie, 5x Mini Eggs, 1x Collectors Guide, 1x Yolkie
Joke, 1x Ring, 1x Stamp, 1x DIY bracelet, 1x Chain, and 1x Eggzania Sticker
Pack - truly an array of surprises that never ceases to amaze!

Rainbocorns are the ultimate surprise eggs, blending the thrill of mystery
unboxing, quirky surprises, and irresistibly cuddly plush. With surprises like
Boo-Boocorns and reveal hearts, the layers of magic and excitement seem
endless! Enter the captivating world of Rainboville, where new Rainbocorns are
constantly hatching - making each unboxing experience as delightful as ever.
Who will you discover in this magical world of Rainbocorns? Let the adventure