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Zuru Rainbocorn Golden Egg 9244

KSh12,500.00 Regular price KSh16,500.00
Hatch open the Zuru Rainbocorn Golden Egg 9244 from Toyzoona and discover over 25 layers of surprise, including a giant sequin heart, collectible Boo-Boocorns, hair accessories, and more!

This epic golden egg is the perfect gift for any Rainbocorn fan. It includes three exclusive giant Rainbocorns: Goldie the Snailcorn, Cesealia the Sealcorn, and Deery Queen the Reindeercorn. Each Rainbocorn comes with a unique sequin surprise heart to reveal what they love.

In addition to the Rainbocorns, the Golden Egg also includes a variety of other surprises, such as ultra golden hair accessories, glamorous glitter, glitzy jewelry, and shimmery Boo-Boocorns that can even be used as pencil toppers.

Here are just a few of the things you'll love about the Zuru Rainbocorn Golden Egg 9244:

Over 25 layers of surprise to discover
Three exclusive giant Rainbocorns
Giant sequin heart surprise
Collectible Boo-Boocorns
Ultra golden hair accessories
Glamorous glitter
Glitzy jewelry
Shimmery Boo-Boocorns that can be used as pencil toppers
Perfect gift for any Rainbocorn fan
Order your Zuru Rainbocorn Golden Egg 9244 from Toyzoona today and let the unboxing fun begin!