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Zuru Slime Volcano 7472

KSh1,450.00 Regular price KSh1,950.00
Unearth the Prehistoric Fun with ZURU's Smashers Lava Slime Surprise,
Exclusively Available at Toyzoona! Embark on a thrilling volcanic adventure as
you dig through the eruption and immerse yourself in the excitement of lava
slime to unveil and construct fascinating DINO skeletons. With the Collectors
Guide in hand, seek out all six prehistoric creatures, including the mighty
T-Rex, the elusive Mosasaur, the agile Raptor, the towering Therizinosaurus,
the horned Triceratops, and the plated Stegosaurus.

Delve into the heart of the volcano, uncovering DINO bones as you build your
very own complete Dino collection. Each lava slime holds one of the six
thrilling Smashers DINO Skeletons, adding an element of surprise and
anticipation to each unboxing.

Make way for hours of immersive play and exploration with Smashers Lava Slime
Surprise by ZURU. Begin your journey into the world of ancient creatures and
ignite your child's imagination with this unique and thrilling toy. Enhance
their learning experience as they uncover the secrets of the past and engage
in creative play.

Experience the excitement firsthand with the inclusion of one ZURU Dino in
every pack. Don't miss out on this ultimate dino-discovery experience,
available exclusively at Toyzoona. Bring the excitement of prehistoric times
to your child's playtime today!"