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Zuru Sparkle Girlz Princess Cone 10010

Introducing the enchanting Sparkle Girlz Princess Fashion Doll, exclusively
available at Toyzoona. Delight your little girl with this captivating doll,
creatively packaged in a cone for added excitement. With her beautiful facial
features and long, soft hair that's perfect for brushing and styling, she
promises endless imaginative play.

Designed for ages 3 years and above, this doll boasts five-point articulation,
making it easy to pose and play with. Dressed in a whimsical outfit that can
be removed and accessorized with a pair of shoes, this doll sparks creativity
and storytelling.

Made from high-quality plastic and featuring a super sparkly unicorn and
rainbow outfit with intricate details, the Sparkle Girlz Princess Fashion Doll
is a wonderful gift for any little princess. Watch as your child's imagination
comes to life with this precious doll by Zuru.

Get this delightful doll for your little one now, exclusively at Toyzoona. Let
the magic of playtime unfold with the Sparkle Girlz Princess Fashion Doll,
where dreams and imagination know no bounds.