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Zuru X Shot Excel Hawk Eye Golden 36479

Experience precision and style with the Zuru X Shot Excel Hawk Eye Royale
Edition, Chrome Gold blaster! The Hawk Eye blaster is designed to elevate your
dart-blasting skills to the next level. With its detachable targeting scope
and pump-action mechanism, you can exercise precision vision and hit your
targets with incredible accuracy. The blaster can store up to 4 darts,
ensuring you have enough ammunition to take on any challenge.

The X-Shot Hawk Eye blaster shoots darts up to an impressive distance of 90 ft
/ 27 m, giving you an advantage over your opponents. Its electric magnetic
chrome gold plating adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your blaster
collection. Stand out on the battlefield with this eye-catching blaster that
combines style and performance.

Equipped with a detachable targeting scope and tactical grip handle, the
X-Shot Hawk Eye ensures that you never miss a shot. The targeting scope helps
you line up your shots with precision, while the tactical grip handle provides
stability and control during rapid dart fire. Hit any moving target with
confidence and dominate the battlefield.

Safety is our priority, so please note that the X-Shot Hawk Eye blaster
contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old. The
recommended age for this blaster is 8 years and up. No batteries are required,
allowing for hassle-free dart-blasting action.

Experience the thrill of precision shooting and make a bold statement on the
battlefield with the X-Shot Excel Hawk Eye Royale Edition, Chrome Gold
blaster. Get ready to exercise your precision vision, hit your targets, and
conquer the competition. Find the X-Shot Hawk Eye blaster in its stylish
chrome gold finish at Toyzoona.

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