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Zuru X Shot Excel Large Max Attack 3694

KSh4,500.00 Regular price KSh6,900.00
Unleash the power of the X-Shot Excel Max Attack and dominate your opponents!
With its Max Attack clip blaster, you can launch a barrage of 10 darts at
incredible speeds, reaching targets up to 24m / 80 feet away. Load up the dart
clip to its maximum capacity and get ready to release an unstoppable assault!
The easy prime mechanism ensures you're always prepared to fire, so you never
miss a shot.

Experience the ultimate battles with the X-Shot Excel Max Attack, equipped
with 24 foam darts to keep you fully loaded throughout intense gameplay. Its
firing power and precision will give you the edge you need to outperform your
opponents and claim victory.

The bottom-loading clip design allows you to effortlessly load 10 darts into
the blaster. Simply slide the clip into place, and you're ready to engage in
thrilling battles. With its high-capacity clip and rapid-fire capabilities,
the X-Shot Excel Max Attack delivers maximum firepower.

Safety is important, and this blaster contains small pieces, making it
unsuitable for children under 3 years old. The recommended age for the X-Shot
Excel Max Attack is 8 years and up. No batteries are required, allowing for
uninterrupted gameplay.

Prepare to dominate the battlefield and maximize your precision power with the
X-Shot Excel Max Attack. Launch darts with precision, hit targets at
impressive distances, and outmatch your opponents. Equip yourself for an epic
battle with the X-Shot Excel Max Attack, available at Toyzoona

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