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Zuru X Shot Excel Turbo Fire 36270

KSh4,500.00 Regular price KSh5,500.00
Prepare for an unparalleled blaster experience with the X-Shot Excel Turbo
Fire by Zuru. This blaster is the ultimate solution for all your blasting
needs, combining power, speed, and accuracy into one remarkable package. With
the Slam Fire feature, you can hold down the trigger and utilize the top
priming mechanism to unleash a rapid stream of 20 darts in mere seconds.

Equipped with an auto-rotating barrel, the Turbo Fire has a 20 dart capacity,
ensuring you have plenty of ammunition to dominate the battlefield.
Additionally, it features an extra storage compartment that can hold up to 8
additional darts, giving you even more firepower at your disposal. The Turbo
Fire boasts an impressive firing range of up to 27m / 90 feet, allowing you to
hit targets from a distance with remarkable precision.

Included with the X-Shot Excel Turbo Fire are 48 foam darts, ensuring you stay
loaded throughout your battles. Safety is a priority, and it's important to
note that this blaster contains small pieces and is not suitable for children
under 3 years old. The recommended age for the Turbo Fire is 8 years and up.
No batteries are required, providing uninterrupted blasting action.

Experience the 'UP YOUR GAME' promise from Zuru, delivering a combination of
exceptional design, top-quality performance, and unbeatable prices. Equip
yourself with the X-Shot Excel Turbo Fire, available at Toyzoona, and unleash
a torrent of darts to dominate the field. With its powerful Slam Fire
capability and impressive range, this blaster ensures you'll always have the