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Zuru X Shot Excel Xcess 36438


Introducing the Zuru X Shot Excel Xcess 36438! Get ready for double the
blasters, double the ammo, and double the fun with the X-Shot Excel Double
Xcess Combo Pack. With its 12-dart capacity and double trouble rotating
barrels, your opponents won't know what hit them. The Xcess can hit targets up
to 27m / 90 feet away, ensuring you have the range to take down your
competition. When you run out of darts in one barrel, simply switch over to
the second barrel and continue blasting away!

Key Features:

1. Double Trouble Rotating Barrel: The X-Shot Excel Xcess features two rotating barrels, with each barrel capable of holding 6 darts. Enjoy continuous dart firing action as you switch between barrels.

2. Firing Power: The X-Shot Excel Xcess packs a powerful punch, capable of hitting targets up to 27m / 90 feet away. Take aim and unleash a barrage of foam darts with precision and accuracy.

3. Dart Capacity: The X-Shot Excel Xcess features two rotating barrels, providing a total dart capacity of 12 darts. Never run out of ammunition during intense battles. Switch between barrels and keep the blasting fun going.

4. Five Can Targets: The pack includes five Can Targets that break on impact. Use them for target practice before the battle and test your skills. Can you hit the bullseye?

Safety Warning: Please be aware that this product contains small pieces and is
considered a choking hazard. It is not suitable for children under 3 years of

Recommended Age: The X-Shot Excel Xcess is recommended for ages 8 and above,
offering thrilling battles and endless fun for kids and adults alike.

Battery Requirement: The X-Shot Excel Xcess does not require batteries to
operate, ensuring convenient and uninterrupted playtime.

Recommended by Toyzoona, the Xuru X Shot Excel Xcess 36438 is perfect for
anyone seeking double the excitement and double the dart-blasting action. Get
yours today and prepare for epic battles!