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Zuru X Shot Skins Last Stand 36518

KSh4,950.00 Regular price KSh6,500.00
Introducing the Zuru X Shot Skins Last Stand 36518! Immerse yourself in the
ultimate blaster experience with X-Shot Skins. Choose your Skin and join the
battle like never before. The Last Stand is the largest blaster in the Skins
range, combining epic firepower, speed, and accuracy into one impressive
blaster. With its 14-dart capacity auto-rotating barrel, you can hit multiple
targets up to 27m / 90 feet away. Unleash a barrage of 14 darts in seconds
with its easy-to-prime mechanism. The Last Stand features a tactical grip and
rail for easy loading and the ability to add accessories, allowing you to
level up your blaster game.

Experience the enhanced performance of X-Shot Skins with its new and improved
Air Pocket Technology Darts, providing faster, further, and more accurate
shots. Choose from 4 unique skins to select and collect, adding a personalized
touch to your blaster battles.

Key Features:

1. Choose your Skin: With cutting-edge printing technology, X-Shot Skins revolutionizes blaster customization, bringing the in-game experience of skinning your blaster to life. The X-Shot Skins Last Stand offers 4 unique skins to choose from, allowing you to create a blaster that reflects your style. Choose different, choose X-Shot Skins.

2. Firing Power: The Last Stand stands as the largest blaster in the X-Shot Skins range, delivering an impressive amount of firepower. Hit multiple targets up to 27m / 90 feet away and dominate the battlefield with unrivaled precision.

3. Dart Capacity: The X-Shot Skins Last Stand boasts a 14-dart capacity auto-rotating barrel, ensuring you have enough ammunition to sustain intense battles. Unleash all 14 darts in seconds thanks to its easy-to-prime and slam fire mechanism.

4. Air Pocket Technology: Experience the next level of performance with X-Shot Skins' new and improved Air Pocket Technology Darts. Enjoy shots that fly further, faster, and with enhanced accuracy, giving you a competitive edge.

5. Pack Inclusions: The X-Shot Skins Last Stand Blaster includes 1x Last Stand Blaster and 16x Air Pocket Technology Foam Darts. Get ready to unleash your firepower and dominate the field.

Safety Warning: Please note that this product contains small pieces and is
considered a choking hazard. It is not suitable for children under 3 years of

Recommended Age: The X-Shot Skins Last Stand Blaster is recommended for ages 8
and above, providing endless hours of exciting blaster battles for kids and
adults alike.

Choose different, choose X-Shot Skins, and experience the pinnacle of blaster
performance with the Zuru X Shot Skins Last Stand 36518. Get yours today at

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